Nov 07

BVI Villas vs. hotel rooms


A trip to the British Virgin Islands is a vacation that is not soon to be forgotten. While planning your dream vacation, though, you’ll have to decide whether to book a hotel room, or rent a villa. BVI villas may seem more expensive at first glance. But once you factor in all of the benefits, vs. a hotel room, they are actually more economical. Here are just a few benefits of renting a villa:

  • More privacy: When you book a hotel room, you are in close proximity to other guests on that same floor. Chances are, you’ll hear your neighbors talking through the walls, running water in the bathroom, etc. A villa gives you much more privacy because you’re the only ones there.

  • More amenities: A hotel will have certain amenities like a gym, a pool and perhaps a restaurant or two. A villa will not only have amenities like a pool, gym/spa, etc. they will have events happening right on site that you can choose to participate in. In fact, everything you need will be just a stone’s throw away, including the beach!

  • More freedom: A villa can give you more freedom and make you feel more comfortable roaming around, as opposed to a hotel lobby. There are more things to see and do, and you can walk the grounds freely, whenever you wish.

  • More economical: Because most villas have kitchenettes, you won’t have to worry about buying food from a restaurant each meal. You can load up on groceries and cook your own meals. This can save you hundreds of dollars on food throughout your vacation.

BVI villas can give you more privacy, more freedom and more amenities than a regular hotel room. Having the luxury of cooking your own meals can save you money, and can also give you more time to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Oct 18

Benefits of Luxury Caribbean Villas

You’ve worked hard and have earned a well-deserved vacation. Well, it’s time to spend that free time enjoying the beauty of nature in the Caribbean. Whether it’s with your family, alone, with friends, or your significant other, luxury Caribbean villas will offer the perfect holiday accommodations to ensure that you have a rejuvenating and serene experience to unwind and relax. The following are a few reasons why luxury villas are the way to go when vacationing in the Caribbean.

  • Privacy – Unlike in luxury hotels, you do not have to share any of the facilities with anyone else. It is a home away from home. As such, you are free to enjoy the scenic views of the Atlantic uninterrupted and at your leisure.
  • Family friendly – If you are vacationing with your family, you will find that luxury villas are a great option since they not only offer a conducive environment for family activities, but they also make monitoring the safety of family members and especially children much easier. You are also guaranteed that the water in the swimming pools is safe and clean to swim in.
  • Cost effectiveness – Luxury Caribbean villas offer very competitive rates as compared to luxury hotels and especially when travelling with your family or in a group.
  • Convenience – Luxury villas are fully equipped, and have state of the art kitchens, bathrooms, and other amazing features. They are designed to give you the lavish rest you so desire, with the added advantage of having control of the experience. For instance you have the option of cooking for yourself and pacing the activities as you wish.

Here at Greenbank Estate Villas, we promise to deliver luxury accommodations that will more than exceed your expectations in terms of comfort, privacy, and price. Book your villa today!

Sep 14

Virgin Island Villas for the Perfect Getaway!

17189258 - luxurious holiday beach villas for rent on cyprus
Virgin Island villas are the perfect accommodations for your next getaway. No one needs to be sold on the idea that the 
beautiful Virgin Islands is the perfect backdrop for a vacation. If you love the sand, sun and the tropics there is no better way to experience all of it than visiting the islands. Knowing where to stay is a key factor in what type of experience you will have on your vacation.

Preferred Accommodations

You have options for lodging when you are visiting the Caribbean like:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Beautiful estate villas

The hotels in the Caribbean will vary in price and amenities and while they are a lovely option there is a better option. Resorts can be really nice as well but they tend to be a little too structured for the adventurous traveler. Villas are the perfect option! Having a home base while you are on the islands so that you can freely explore is an excellent option for anyone that wants a more authentic experience than what a resort can provide and of course they provide more home-like amenities than a hotel can.

The Ideal Solution

If you are traveling with children Villa rental is the ideal solution because children need that feeling of “home” even on vacation. You can cook all your meals in the full kitchen, enjoy the breathtaking views and have privacy which is so important for families with children. You do not have to worry about crying babies disturbing other guests when you choose a Villa because your family is the only family! Enjoy the sun and surf on your own terms. Explore freely and really experience the Caribbean!

Before you book your accommodations you should check out what Greenbank Estate Villas has to offer, you can choose from two locations!

Aug 24

Top Tips for Packing for Your Virgin Island Vacation

  Top Tips for Packing for Your Virgin Island Vacation

You’ve booked your tickets, rented one of the most gorgeous Virgin Island villas, and made sure it was going to be fully stocked before you got there. Now, your biggest problem is what to pack for your vacation and what to leave behind to make getting there much easier. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top tips for packing lightly for your Virgin Island vacation.

Always Make a List

Remember, you are not going to be right around the corner from your home so you can run back and pick up important items like passports and credit cards. Always make a list and then double check that list before you ever leave your home. Make a list of the clothing items you think you will need as well and check them off as you pack them one at a time. Of course, you can shop for some of these items when you get there, however, who wants to spend all of their time shopping for essentials instead of having fun?

Invest in Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are essential if you want to be efficient in your packing and also be able to take what you need with you. They are easier to deal with when waiting in the terminal and everything can be neatly organized so that you aren’t scrambling to get things out of the carry on that you are allowed to take on the plane with you.

These are just a few tips for helping you pack light for your vacation. Make sure to pack with cubes, make a list, and never forget to grab the credit cards and the passports before you leave. Contact the professionals at Greenbank Estate Villas for more information today on renting a luxury villa as well.

Jul 11

Top 3 Reasons to Vacation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has long been thought to be the perfect place to vacation. If you have never been there, then you should check out a villa rental in Tortola, book yourself a villa and settle in to enjoy the fun and sun of the Caribbean this summer season. If you are one of those that are still riding the fence as to whether the Caribbean is the right vacation spot for you, read on below for some of the top reasons you should make up your mind to go.

The Beaches

You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love the beach. If you are a beach bum, then the sparkling waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean are a must for your next vacation. Combine that with the perfect weather conditions and you will be on the first plane you can book today.

The Sunsets

After a long day of fun and sun at the beach, there is nothing like relaxing outside of your villa rental in Tortola while the sun sets on the horizon. Some of the colors you see in a Caribbean sunset haven’t even been invented yet. It’s the perfect way to end the perfect day on your vacation.

The Centuries Old Culture

The culture of the Caribbean goes way back. From archeological sites to buildings that are steeped in history, there is nothing like touring the sites that have made the Caribbean the great place it is for centuries now.

These are only a few of the reasons that you should vacation in the Caribbean this upcoming summer season. As a matter of fact, even the winters are great here. For a place to stay, make sure to contact the professionals at Greenbank Estate Villas today.

Jun 01

Paradise lost – but found in the British Virgin Islands

If you are one of those people who dreams of one day visiting a tropical island, either for a special occasion such as a honeymoon, or just to indulge your fantasy of paradise, you should put the British Virgin Islands (BVI) high on your list. This magnificent place is much-beloved by many who return here repeatedly, knowing that they’ve found one of the most beautiful places around. Those who particularly enjoy a holiday here say that there is much to do, but it’s also a perfect place to unwind and relax as the pace of life is gentle and the islands aren’t completely filled with tourists vying for a place on the beach or a seat in a restaurant.

If you’ve been imagining that this is something you would love to do one day, now is the time. The BVI is becoming consistently more popular and accommodation will become less readily available, which always means that prices will increase. For now, it’s possible to find magnificent Caribbean villas for rent at prices that might surprise you. You’d be foolish to delay! After one visit, you might find that you become one of the faithful who return over and over again, aware that you’ve discovered your own personal nirvana.

Hiring a villa in the BVI

The islands are hilly and covered in green trees, and many villas can be found tucked away in these areas. If you hire a car, you will easily be able to access the beaches, and the shops and restaurants will not be far away. If you want to be exposed to night life, you could choose a villa closer to the center of town. Some of these villas can even provide your own personal chef, so you wouldn’t need to venture out for your meals. However, you’ll find a bustling night-life on the island whenever you decided you needed to mingle with people.

Soaking in the BVI atmosphere

For a start, most people visit an island for the beach and the sea, and there are few more beautiful beaches than can be found here. Apart from the snowy white sands, there are numerous bays and inlets with tantalizing names such as Sandy Cay or Smuggler’s Cove. Some of these spots offer good surfing conditions, and you really should visit the infamous Bomba’s Surfside Shack. There are many boats in the harbor for hire and diving and snorkeling are unrivalled from the perspective of a warm ocean and excellent visibility. The BVI also has an annual Carnival (in August) and there are beautiful National Parks that offer some exotic trails and great hiking. In fact, there is nothing you can think of for a perfect holiday in an ideal location that can’t be provided by the BVI.

May 19

Do a Little Island Hopping

There are as many reasons to visit the Virgin Islands as there are people who come to vacation every year. They come to relax, surf, sail, and snorkel. They also come for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and just to vacation with family and friends. The islands offer spectacular beauty, and a chance to relax while having an amazing time. The serene surroundings when you rent Virgin Island villas can be a balm to a weary heart and a magical romantic getaway all at the same time.

Reasons to Visit
Here are a few reasons to come and see why there is such ado about the Virgin Islands. Once you visit, you are sure to have many more.

  • There are miles and miles of sandy beaches. You can spend hours alone daydreaming, staring into the deep blue water, or sightseeing.
  • The island of Tortola has hiking for those who are restless and want a little adventure. Try Sage Mountain, you are sure to enjoy that.
  • There are more than 40 uninhabited islands where you can spend the day exploring and picnicking.
  • The bird watching is amazing!
  • The BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is a ton of fun, and is by far one of the largest in the Caribbean.
  • You can snorkel in and around the third largest coral reef in the entire world.
  • There are plenty of places to snorkel and sail.
  • That amazing character and design of Caribbean buildings, old and new.
  • The deep-rooted pirate history.

Shimmering Sunny Days and Perfumed Nights
Greenbank Estate Villas can give you everything you need and more when you stay in one of their villas during your tropical vacation. Visit all the places you heard about and even the ones you stumble across while you are here. Do all those things you have dreamed about trying.

Apr 22

A villa rental is the perfect way to experience a tropical island

Some people feel that spending money on an exotic holiday is a waste – they’ll tell you that, once it’s over, all your have is a few pictures to show for your money, and the holiday is in the past. Anyone with wander-lust will tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you have an unforgettable experience, you have memories that you talk about for a lifetime. In addition, the restoration to your body and soul will make you return home re-charged and raring to go. Apart from that, when you’ve enjoyed idyllic days with your toes curled in warm sand and have spent hours relaxing with only the sound of rustling palm leaves overhead being stirred by warm tropical trade winds, some people find that they can review their whole lives and can gain insights that give them clarity for the rest of their lives. If you are one of those people that understand the importance of making wonderful memories for life, you should definitely consider making a trip to the British Virgin Isles (BVI).

Tortola has unrivalled beauty

Tortola is the island capital of the BVI and is magnificently beautiful. In fact, it embodies all those picture postcard images that you associate with a Caribbean getaway. It has a tropical climate so it is warm all year round, and boasts lush rainforests as a result. This island is a well-kept secret, so it isn’t overrun by tourists, and is thus a place where you can experience true island life. When it comes to accommodation, you’ll find that villa rental on Tortola is very reasonable, and there are some stunning homes to be found. All have magnificent views from which to enjoy this stunning island.

How to get to Tortola

Being an island, you can get to Tortola only by sea or air, but there are regular flights, and cruise ships also visit the island very often. Once you’ve arrived, your agenda will be filled with strolls along beautiful white beaches, many of which come with enticing names – such as Cane Garden Bay – and you will restore your equanimity by listening to the calming rhythm of the sea. With such clear waters and such excellent visibility, you’ll definitely want to snorkel or scuba dive or even hire a boat to visit some of the nearby islands scattered about in the deep blue, warm sea.

If you’re more adventurous, you can find many hiking trails in the hills, all of which will bring you out onto unexpectedly beautiful vistas around many corners. The island of Tortola is small, but the dense vegetation gives it a sense of privacy and of secret hideaways. Should you visit during August, you’ll experience the island’s carnival, and all the excitement that celebrates the emancipation of slavery on the island. For those who are surfing aficionados, there are some excellent sites to catch a good swell. Following this, you may want to sample some of the famous rum that the island produces, perhaps even in a place like Bomba’s Surfside Shack, where locals and tourists party hard especially during their infamous ‘full moon’ celebrations.

If you are considering a Tortola villa rental, Greenbank Estate Villas has a wide selection available. View their website for additional information.

Apr 22

Avoiding the Hotels to Stay in Villas

Thousands of people venture to the Caribbean each year for vacations, education, or to find a new permanent residence. It’s easy to understand why, with the white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. Sunrises and sunsets in the islands are amazing, not to mention you can enjoy a wealth of different cuisines, cultures, and activities during your stay. Finding the right place to stay during your vacation can be just as important as deciding what to do. You have a few choices including hotels, motels, private villas, and resorts.

The Downsides to Hotels and Motels

One of the biggest complaints people have with large commercialized hotels and motels is the lack of privacy. While the amenities are nice and the views are usually stunning from every direction, you often times hear everything that is happening in the neighboring rooms. If someone books the room next to you with a baby that cries at all hours, it can put a huge damper on your enjoyment. If the people upstairs walk heavily on their floor, this can cause annoying sound pollution for you. One of the best ways to avoid these troubles is to stay away from hotels and motels if you can. The choice alternative is to take advantage of Caribbean villas rentals.

Your Own Private Home Away from Home

Villas are a much more personal approach to your accommodations during your vacation. The building itself is normally much smaller than commercialized hotels, but the rooms are more spacious and personal. You also have endless opportunities for privacy within your room and when on the villa grounds. You can choose to lounge by the pool or remain in your master suite to enjoy the Jacuzzi bathtub. Rooms normally offer Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with friends and family back home, as well as all the comforts from home including television, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances and more.

Spending your Time Wisely

One of the hardest things to do when visiting the Caribbean is deciding how to spend your time. With so many options, it’s not uncommon for you to leave for home feeling like you didn’t really do anything at all! It will take many visits to the islands to take in all the sights you want to. There is no shortage of beaches and hiking trails around the islands, you can also charter a boat for fun on the waves, or grab some snorkeling equipment and explore beneath the waves!

Apr 22

Making the Most of your BVI Vacation

The British Virgin Islands are made up of numerous islands within the Caribbean. It’s situated to the east of Puerto Rico and offers visitors some of the most stunning island views and breathtaking beauty. Very few tourists visit the BVI annually when compared to the rest of the Caribbean which makes it a prime destination for romantic privacy for you and your loved one. The main island of Tortola holds a resident population of roughly 23,000 people and offers a wealth of unique cuisine, culture and customs to visitors interested in making the most of their trips.

All the Comforts of Home

One of the best ways to soak up the local culture is by avoiding staying in hotels and motels. These buildings are often packed with tourists during certain times of year and won’t give you the intimate glimpse and appreciation of the area you deserve during your stay. Consider staying in one of the many BVI villas instead. You can find everything you have at home including a full kitchen, plenty of room for relaxing, privacy, and even some pretty stunning views of the ocean and sunsets. Additionally, you won’t feel cramped with other tourists as you might in a hotel, which can reduce your stress and make your entire vacation much more enjoyable!

Endless Sights to See!

The British Virgin Islands and rest of the Caribbean offer countless sights to see. You can admire the beauty of waterfalls, watch tropical birds fly freely in their natural home, sink your toes into warm sandy beaches, or take in one of the many shows or attractions. For the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Caribbean offers more than a few rainforests which is home to numerous tropical plants and animals including parrots and tree frogs.

Exploring Beneath the Waves

The British Virgin Islands is a scuba diver and snorkelers dream with the crystal clear water and abundance of brightly colored fish, corals and invertebrates. Watch as angelfish, butterfly fish and more swim past you in peaceful bliss. View tiny shrimp going about their business on the living reefs and maybe even encounter lionfish, jellyfish and sharks. Whether you are fond of deep sea diving or prefer to stick to the shallows, a vacation to the BVI or elsewhere in the Caribbean can deliver everything you want in an undersea adventure, and more!

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